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Newborn Photography 

This is the most beautiful time for the parents. In the first days of your baby life you will get to know his or her face. You will study your baby's tiny fingers and toes. This is the person you will love with all your heart forever. Whatever comes, this is the person who will always have your unconditional, mighty love. But the time when your baby is just a little bigger than your hands won't be long, and the memories of those first few moments together will eventually fade. That's why it's so wonderful that we can keep them in the photos. The little face and the tiny toes. There is no better way to hold memories of this once in a lifetime experience than with a newborn baby photo shoot.

As a family photographer, in all families with a new baby, I always see the birth of the most beautiful relationship - parenthood. That's why my newborn photo shoots always include family pictures. I use technics in lighting and image processing to project that special energy and beauty onto the photos in a beautiful baby photo shoot.


Our Photographer

Hania Maciejewska-Rodrigues, the former researcher at the ETH, mother of three children, who became a professional portrait photographer in Zurich, has specialized exclusively in elegant, artistic pregnancy and newborn photo shoots.

Hania Maciejewska-Rodrigues loves to create timeless artistic newborn photographs that her clients can truly appreciate. She gently poses the babies keeping safety and comfort of the babies a priority. She guides you softly during the whole time of the shoot.

Her home photo studio is in Zurich Affoltern. For her newborn photo shoots, Hania creates her own designs and outfits that make it possible to get the most beautiful artistic portraits and beautiful family pictures for every newborn baby.


Outfits for the Baby Photo Shooting

Our outfits are available for newborns, babies and pregnancy photo shoots. Newborns and baby clothes are handmade in Switzerland from high-quality, soft and natural fabrics such as soft angora wool and cotton.


When should I book the Newborn Baby Photo Shoot?

It is best if a newborn photo shoot takes place between the fifth and fourteenth day of the baby's life. Please make a reservation early, that means a couple of weeks before the planned birth. I am sure that I can offer you a suitable date. Your baby photo shoot can take place at your home or in my home photo studio in Zurich.

I have a selection of baby outfits that I will make available to your baby for the shoot free of charge.


Booking a Baby Photo shooting in Zürich

Have you decided on a newborn photo shoot? Please write to me. I will advise you individually on the clothes and shooting ideas and send you a checklist for preparation.

I've put a very low base price on baby photo shoots so that every family who books with me gets a bunch of photos, including baby portraits as well as family pictures. Additionally, depending on your budget, you can order as many beautiful portraits of your baby and family as you can afford.

Baby photo shootings at Kleiner Sternli take place:

In my Home Studio in Zurich Affoltern: Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and Thursday 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Lifestyle newborn baby photoshoot at your home: Saturday 10:00 am-2:00 pm


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