Das ist eine Neugeborenes Foto


3 hours of photo shooting


Beautifully edited photos


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Photo prints on highest quality photo paper up to A2 size



How to prepare your baby for the photo session?


The best time to photograph newborns is between 5-14 days of life. Why so early? Babies at this age are very sleepy and usually do not notice that something is happening around them. They naturally curl and maintain certain flexibility due to their position in the womb. During the session we recreate the beautiful natural curled poses in which the newborn feels comfortable, warm and safe. If your baby has baby acne or has some yellow skin tone do not worry about it, I will take care of it in photoshop.

Expect to spend up to three hours at your session. We will take time to pose your baby, soothe the little one when needed  and we will take brakes so you can feed your baby. If your baby is a bit older than 14 days, do not worry, you will still get beautiful pictures. Nurse your baby just before the photoshoot. You are welcome to do it in my home studio while we make breaks during the photo shooting. If you bottle feed your baby bring formula milk.

Perhaps you have a toy or anything else that has a meaning to your family? Don't forget to bring it to the session. I will be happy to include it into the shooting setup.


When to schedule a newborn photo session?

The best time to schedule your newborn photo shooting is during your pregnancy. I will add your due date to my calendar. When your baby finally arrives contact me asap, and we will finalize your appointment.


my home studio newborn sessions Monday-Friday 9:00 - 12:00

lifestyle photo sessions at your home - Saturdays 10:00 -12:00 

This is a photo from the newborn photo shooting with parentsDas Neugeborene Baby schlaft im HolzeimerDas ist eine Neugeborenes Madchen schafendDas ist eine Foto aus Neugeborene FotoshootingThis is a photo of a baby sleeping in a heart bowl